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Tomorrow! Live & Stream!

Schouten|Courtois|Janssen & Hassfurther ‘Vostok: Remote Islands’ (NL/F/A)
May 15 2024, 20:30 @ Porgy & Bess Vienna


It has been a little over two weeks since New York Magazine published an article about the rape of an Orchestra member by two colleagues at the New York Philharmonic.

A Hidden Sexual-Assault Scandal at the New York Philharmonic


For some strange reason, I have not seen any media coverage in Europe, so I am linking to the original article, written by Sammy Sussman, a freelance investigative reporter based in New York.

Please consider signing the petition to release Cara from her NDA imposed by the New York Philharmonic.

Tl;dr After being drugged and raped by a colleague while another looked on in Colorado during a 2010 tour of the New York Philharmonic, Cara Kizer filed a police report and did a rape kit. The NYPhil did nothing but deny her tenure, and they also denied tenure to Amanda Stewart who stood up for her. They were the first two female brass members in the history of the New York Philharmonic.

The NYPhil did an investigation eight years later and fired the two men. Local 802 AFM, New York’s largest union of professional musicians, forced an arbitration with a 77-year old white man in 2020, a lawyer and part-time magician, who decided that although there had certainly been misconduct, the predators could have their jobs back, complete with over a million dollars of back pay. Cara had no choice but to accept an NDA, a small settlement, and try to rebuild her life.

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This is tonight!

Sophie Hassfurther – KALEIDOSCOPE


Die Beobachtung der Gesellschaft durch ein Kaleidoscope ermöglicht es, die Dinge neu zu ordnen und zu gestalten. Randerscheinungen werden in die Mitte gerückt und in neuem Licht betrachtet. Nur wenn unterschiedliche Perspektiven miteinbezogen, respektiert und wertgeschätzt werden, können wir uns ein umfassendes Bild der Welt machen, und von den Menschen mit denen wir leben.

So thrilled to premiere my composition Kaleidoscope in two weeks with such a stellar group of creative musicians!
Made possible thanks to a composition grant from the City of Vienna, MA07


t.o.n. in Linz


These fine gents will be playing with me in Linz tonight, lots of new stuff, and some of our all time favorites.

The ensemble t.o.n. (Telefonzellenorchester Nonntal, Trio ohne Namen, Tricentric organized nerds, Tiramisu ohne Nussfülle…) is known for its non-existent PR work, among other things. But sometimes a promoter does manage to find the right phone number. And so the trio, consisting of Sophie Hassfurther (ts), Mario Vavti (tb) and Hannes Enzlberger (b), are guests at Jazz Point Linz for the first time. You can listen to a journey through the band’s almost 15-year history. Relaxed, casual chamber jazz.

Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2024 – 20:00 Uhr
Kulturverein Strandgut – Ottensheimerstr. 25 – Linz/Urfahr (Eingang Fischergasse)

I am very much looking forward to this thrilling collaboration! Fie Schouten, Vincent Courtois and Guus Janssen and yours truly at Porgy & Bess in May. Music inspired by the book of Judith Schalansky ‘Altas of Remote Islands, 50 islands I never set foot on and never will’.

Schouten|Courtois|Janssen VOSTOK Remote Islands (teaser)


Teaser VOSTOK Remote IslandsFie Schouten – clarinets, artistic leaderVincent Courtois – celloGuus Janssen – keyboards00:00 Tristan da Cunha (Atlantic Ocean) …

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