sophie hassfurther oğuz büyükberber duo

mind like water is available as CD and download! You can

  • email us at sophie[at]sophiehassfurther[dot]com for a physical copy
  • download on bandcamp
  • come to one of our concerts and get it right there!

Physical CD: 15 € (plus shipping)
Shipping as of January 2020: € 2,75 to Austria, €5,60 to Europe


“An intense and different experience.”
– Oliver Weindling, London Jazz News

“Impressive sound structures with several stories and a multitude of winding rooms”
– Rainer Bratfisch, Jazz Podium

“They swirl around each other, carry one other, with musicality and deeply felt emotions as the greatest good.”
– Herman te Loo, Jazzflits

“A dialogue of airy, often lyrical sound gestures unfolds, carried out on the frontiers between Jazz vocabulary and free tonal expression.”
– Christoph Irrgeher, Wiener Zeitung

“Their interplay is strong, intimate and unerring”
– Henk Jansen, De Klarinet

“An album that stands out musically, precisely because it has its very own sound. An exciting listening experience. ”
– Michael Ternai, musicaustra

“The fluidity as well as unpredictability of water underlies the playing of both musicians.”
– Rinus van der Heiden, Jazznu

“An authentic adventure”
– Ernst Mitter, Freistil

“Hassfurther and Büyükberber complement each other intriguingly”
– Martin Schuster, Concerto


Sophie Hassfurther tenor sax
Oğuz Büyükberber bass clarinet

Label sowiesound records
Distribution Lotus records
Sophie Hassfurther tenor sax, Oğuz Büyükberber bass clarinet, Helfried Hassfurther recording, Oliver Brunbauer mix and mastering, Oğuz Büyükberber cover photo and artwork, Michel Marang photos.
Recorded at Alte Schmiede Hallein, Cafe Kurkuma Hallein and Bethaniënklooster Amsterdam
Contact: sophie[at]sophiehassfurther[dot]com

I have written about this project in my blog. The first of three blogposts with music/video on the process of making our CD Mind Like Water. A follow up post with more details and one more on how this project came together.