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“Contemporary/improvising bass clarinettist Oğuz Büyükberber intertwined with the sinuous saxophone playing of Viennese Sophie Hassfurther. A much more intense and different experience.” – Oliver Weindling, London Jazz News (UK)

“Impressive sound structures with several stories and a multitude of winding rooms” – Rainer Bratfisch, Jazz Podium (D)

“They swirl around each other, carry one another, with musicality and deeply felt emotions as the greatest good.” – Herman te Loo, Jazzflits (NL)

A dialogue of airy, often lyrical sound gestures unfolds, carried out on the frontiers between Jazz vocabulary and free tonal expression. – Christoph Irrgeher, Wiener Zeitung (AT)

Their interplay is strong, intimate and unerring – Henk Jansen, De Klarinet (NL)