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Here is the thing: whenever I come to Amsterdam, the weather is really, really nice. I was living here long enough to know that this is not the real Amsterdam weather. This is what it looks like on the very few occasions, when there is almost no wind and the sun comes through for more than half a minute. Sometimes I get the impression, that Amsterdam is doing this on purpose, just so I know how beautiful it can be and for me to make it harder to leave.

What a great place. What an amazing experience to be guest at my friend’s work-space. We had a ball. And we were productive.



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  4. Tomy Tani

    "We had a ball"? I wonder what’s that supposed to mean…

  5. h.ear.t | tobias

    @Tomy Tani  Lots of fun.
    The last time I was in A we had rented a ship and were sailing the Ejselmeer. I bought ‘Urk’ by the Nits, a very friendly band based in A. They once had a huge European hit ‘In The Dutch Mountains’.
    That was some time arouno 1988/1989. I still love them very, very much. But I have never been back since, but would love to.
    But one thing will never be equaled: The ship lay literally oposite the main station. I.e. get off the ship, cross the street, walk through the station et voila … Thanks for bringing back those memories.

    This is the old, beautiful selfmade video.

    NITS In The Dutch Mountains
    by Dietmar Schmitzberger on YouTube

    And this is from their latest.

    Nits – Pockets of Rain
    by nitsfan on YouTube

    I rate them all as highly inventive and passionate musicians. Most of their albums are very different and diverse. My favourites are Ting, Giant Normal Dwarf, Wool, Angst (a return to form, a highlight for 2017).

  6. Sophie

    @Tobias Wow, love the video! I had never heard of he band (ooops…), thanks for the heads up!

    And thanks for sharing your A’dam stories… it is quite a distinguished place.

  7. Herbert Thielen

    Good idea to search for the old Nits CD, thank you! Urk playing. .. whoa, 1989, long time ago!

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    @Herbert Thielen Yes, my post put also myself into another NITS frenzy, it was clear that I’d reconnect after a few years of distance. Going through my collection, taking note of those albums I still need (just a few) and noticing that quite a few gems are no longer available at all or to ridiculous prices. I’d better hurry to keep my collection as it once was – nearly complete. I’d estimate I once had about 80-90% of all their stuff.

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