Favorite Duo Records, Day 5

!Anima Jazz

This is day five of five. My last recommendation for the dear fediverse community.

Gil Evans Steve Lacy Paris Blues
Gil Evans piano, electric piano
Steve Lacy sax
Recorded 1987, released 1988 on Owl Records.

The record was rated 1,5 on AllMusic, user rating is at 4,5 of five stars.

Gil Evans & Steve Lacy – Paris Blues


From the eponymous album


  1. Manuel

    A Manuel le gusta el mensaje de estado de Sophie

  2. Manuel

    Well, this series of couples has already become a classic very addictive that I expect every day. You can’t abruptily stop 🙂

  3. Sophie


  4. Sophie

    Maybe somebody feels like taking over :wink
    Five records, five days, improvising duos.

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