Two more reviews!

Two pretty cool reviews for Mind Like Water. So if you have not purchased my CD yet, below are excerpts from the articles to support the decision-making. Also great as a Christmas present 😉

Rinus van der Heijden for (in Dutch)

"It is clear in all of the pieces, that fluidity as well as unpredictability of water underlies the playing of both musicians. There is always an element which challenges both performers, yet ultimately lifts the music to a higher level where the musicians "collide". Nowhere do Sophie Hassfurther and Oguz Büyükberber get into trouble with each other, the elusive nature of water does indeed characterize their unity."

Michael Ternai for the mica-music austria magazine (in German)

"Sophie Hassfurther and Oguz Buyukberber leave the familiar paths to engage in a dialogue which blends various styles. Expanding on Contemporary Music through Jazz, they create picturesque sound sculptures, that resonate both skillfully and powerfully"


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