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Random Amsterdam pic #3 and #4


Here is the thing: whenever I come to Amsterdam, the weather is really, really nice. I was living here long enough to know that this is not the real Amsterdam weather. This is what it looks like on the very few occasions, when there is almost no wind and the sun comes through for more than half a minute. Sometimes I get the impression, that Amsterdam is doing this on purpose, just so I know how beautiful it can be and for me to make it harder to leave.

What a great place. What an amazing experience to be guest at my friend’s work-space. We had a ball. And we were productive.


Fotos Hallein 2018-03-17

Some Fotos from the concert on March 17. Big thanks to Robert Herbe for coming out and catching the moments, you are the best!

Hassfurther/Mancinelli/Morleo/Halleiner Kammerorchester

I am very proud to announce my upcoming concert as a soloist, with Ivan Mancinelli on drums,  Luigi Morleo as conductor and composer in residence and the Halleiner Kammerorchester (chamber orchestra of Hallein).

Ivan and I go together a long time, but this will be our first time on stage. I feel very honored that he invitied me to join him to perfom Luigi Morleo’s composition MIGRANTI 2.1. Luigi will also be conducting the Halleiner Kammerorchester.

Apart from beautiful melodies, this four movement composition features extensive improvisations by both saxophone and drums. This concert will mark the piece’s Austrian premiere.

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